The Demon of Frenchman Street

by The Jeffries

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Detective Royal Jones, in the midsts of losing his spirit to a decade long retirement, decides to the rejoin the New Orleans brass to stop a mass murderer at large in the Bayou - The Demon of Frenchman Street.


released May 27, 2013

Produced by Alain Purcell, Jeff Jahangir & Brian Carlson
Engineered by Alain Purcell
Mixed by Alain Purcell
Mastered by Tom Garneau
Publicist - Lucy Boone
Written by Jeff Jahangir & Brian Carlson


Jamie Ferguson as the Lead Singer
Brian Carlson as the Lyricist
Jeff Jahangir as the Pianist, Percussionist, E-Bowist and Melodica Man
Seth Haake as the Drummer
Ryan Luepke as the Bassist
Tony Beaderstadt as the Trombonist
Andrew Morgan as the Trumpeter
Katie Yanike as the Vocalist
Renee Canales as the Vocalist
Ilya Garelik as the Guitarist in residence
Juno the Dog as the Bark
Anya Benda, Andrew Brose, Alain Purcell and Ben Harris as the professional Hand Clappers
Alain Purcell as the Match Striker

Album Art by Garrett Brunker, Aaron Brunker and Catie Griffiths



all rights reserved


The Jeffries

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Track Name: Care of Mr. Parks
G'morning friend, I'm finally wide awake
I took a nose dive, now I'm in great shape
Missed the last ten years, I've been in bed
till the heroes sparked inside my head

what has changed, now tell me, who's the chief?
do you still put two shoes on your feet?
you remember all those melodies?
tell me that their real and not just memories

now I feel alive

looking back I could have been more strong
Those boys, could not have been more wrong
when I smile always think of us,
how you gave me the strength to stand right up

and ride the wave

Together we are really great
and every night
I sing for you

Yes i think that it is plain to see
as a team we would not see defeat
come along lets dig in through the sand
We’ll succeed together hand in hand
Track Name: St. Peter and Bourbon
St. Peter & Bourbon

Lighting a smoke,
she starts to smile,
she loves the way her city looks at night

she's the type of girl
whose gifts are known
everything around her gives an azure glow

Give her one more try

Catching her eye,
he looks and sighs,
he knows not what her expressions may show

wonder what clues
she leaves behind?
observation has the risk of running dry

Give her one more try

nodding at her
she waves goodbye
just another second’s all he needs
Can't you see?
They really weren't meant to be

Back at her seat
Her man inquires
what took so long for you to step aside?

Nothing is wrong
a pause and sigh
she wonders of a life without her guy
Track Name: Demon of Frenchman Street
The Demon of Frenchmen Street

Verse 1
Anne Marie was walking down the streets of New Orleans
About the age of 23, pretty as can be
The night was dark, not a light was shinin’ ‘cept her cigarette’s subtle glow
When through the black a foul figure attacked and struck a fatal blow

“The Demon of Frenchmen Street has claimed another life”
Rang the cry of the paperboy, upon the morning’s light
“Four before and one today,” the citizens all cried
“So board up your window panes and don’t walk out at night.”

Verse 2
Detective Jones wiped off his brow, looked on the grisly scene
At the girl whose name was Anne Marie, the age of 23
Figure chalk on the cold boardwalk, azure rose in her hands
A matching clue of the spectrum hue, The Demon’s evil brand

Oo la la la
Oo la la la
Where is he, Detective Jones?
Who is he, Detective Jones?

Oo la la la
Oo la la la
Where is he, Detective Jones?
Who is he, Detective Jones?

{Guitar Solo}

Verse 3
Royal Jones had never known a villain he couldn’t catch
But with the Demon of Frenchmen Street, Ol’ Jones had met his match
The greatest mind the world had ever seen, IQ 185
Apathy corrupting everything, he finally felt alive

“The Demon of Frenchmen Street extends his evil crimes
Another corpse found by the force along the crescent line
The Creole authorities are desperate in their plight
To end the pain of the Demon’s reign, this foe shall do his time”

Verse 4
Emily laid down the news, thought on what she had read
In black and white a pattern came to light: the law had been misled
She met with Jones, told him all she knew “The fiend has played the friend
Within our midst the foul killer exists, we’ll finally bring his end”

Final Chorus
“Innocence, a melody, you sing so pure and fine”
The manic tone of Detective Jones filled Emily up with fright
“A violet rose for you my dear, death brought by your insight,”
In her ear the final words she’d hear, Jones whispered with a smile:
“The Demon of Frenchmen Street is me”
Track Name: Courtyard

A pastoral sound convinced of a crime
Tearing away down
Central Boulevard
A cusp of the great
one, hand held high
Motion towards the
past, sight unseen

The effervescent
sound multiplies infinitely

Brace this, brace
this and run
collapse between
the choice of a lifetime
Enter the stream of
love’s embrace
Brace this, brace
this and run

Parrying forth,
light unto death
Staying the time of
need, against the rain
Marry the ones, who
told the story
Tales of yore,
foretold with a smile

A longing unto
terror calls a purpose to his name

Brace this, brace
this and run
collapse between
the choice of a lifetime
Enter the
stream of love’s embrace
Brace this, brace
this and run

Growing thunderous,
chin up high
sifting the sun
before, the wake of an age
Carry forth,
the child is born
Cast your doubt,
the need has come and gone

A single shaded
lamp post light reveals a distant scream

Brace this, brace
this and run
collapse between
the choice of a lifetime
Enter the stream of
love’s embrace
Brace this, brace
this and run